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A large majority of small scale business agreements made in Africa and other developing nations are sealed with a handshake rather than the signing of a legally binding document. The DoneDealer/DoneDeal-her app enables two individuals and/or small companies to digitally document an oral deal or agreement.

It addresses a common predicament witnessed in these parts of the world – occurrences of one party not sticking to the agreed upon deal and thus cheating the other party in some way. Moreover, it is an issue that tend to afflict women harder than men. Designed as a socially innovative and pro-active tool to help solve this dilemma, the DoneDealer/DoneDeal-her app can be particularly useful for women for a number of reasons.

  1. The DoneDeal/DoneDeal-her app strengthens women entrepreneurs´ protection by offering a tool which helpsto evade business situations lacking legally binding proof where word is standing against word.
  2. Providing the necessary proof the DoneDeal/DoneDeal-her app makes it easier for women to get social support for their business cause.
  3. In alinement with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, an introduction of theDoneDeal/DoneDeal-her app allows for the advance of a more just and less corrupt trading climate – that directly will benefit women in their business ventures.
  4. Having a street-smart out-look the DoneDeal/DoneDeal-her app grants the user an easily accessible and adjustable platform to learn the rudimentary knowledge about legally binding deals – through practice rather than in theory. To have the upper hand on these facts can make all the difference for a woman entrepreneur with little or no schooling.
  5. Not only serving as a practically oriented reference/check point the DoneDeal/DoneDeal-her app transports the user from word to action in just a few clicks. This makes it in particularly well suited for women who want to doefficient business, saving both time and energy.
  6. The DoneDeal/DoneDeal-her app is not judicial in kind, but rather serves to precede and/or avoid such measures that most women entrepreneurs hardly could afford.
  7. The DoneDeal/DoneDeal-her app is created to be part of the reality on social media. This turns it into a pliable and discreet tool, which makes it a keen choice for women doing business.
  8. Whereas the traditional contract is manly coded, a paper that under ritual forms is put on the table and signed by the different parties involved in the deal, the DoneDeal/DoneDeal-her app however is womanly coded. It brings us from a primarily male business room to a primarily female, permeated by the rituals of today’s women and their rulings of social media.
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Fast growth of mobile Internet penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa*

Today there is around 650 million mobile phone subscribers, about 70 percent penetration in the region. By the end of 2019 it is estimated to be 930 million.

Most networks enables Internet access and by 2019 4G will have fully penetrated the region.Mobile data traffic will grow 20-fold between 2013 and 2019 mobile voice traffic will only double the same time

Increasingly more and more applications will be accessible over the mobile phone. Sub-Saharan Africa will leap-frog the traditional web-acess for a mobile one, just as they have leap-frogged fixed line telephony and moved directly to mobile telephony Hence there will be a huge demand for apps covering all kinds of aspects, e.g. entertainment and social networking and for utility apps for health, news, education, banking and finance, ticketing, maps, business etc.

Many of these already exists but we have found a need for an app we call DoneDeal

DoneDeal App for mobile devices

The DoneDeal app is for a digital documenting of a deal or agreement made between two individuals and/or small companies. A mobile smartphone or a pad can be used and it will be for Android, IOS (Apple) and Window platforms.

The principle is that the deal is documented by geo-tagging, time stamping and a photo in addition to text.